Indo Solaris

Sole Energy: Solar Energy

INDO has an outstanding reputation internationally & domestically, as excellent for Battery Manufacturing with Innovation of strength.

INDO Solaris is designed to perform under all weather conditions and in the most demanding operating environments.

Our curriculum is both challenging & flexible. It actually combines intellectual growth with passion, creativity and individualism in an intimate hand on environment that exemplifies learning by doing.

Our teams of qualified professionals are instrumental in the revolutionary transition of achieving a strong market leadership based on integrated value chain and competence in all relevant business processes.

Competence in design has been achieved on the basis of known world-class technology suitably modified to suit Indian tropical conditions. To build reliability into the product, the manufacturing methods are also in line with those suited for the technology adopted and to ensure trouble free performance. Lastly, the right and the best raw materials are used in the manufacturing process.

Special Features:

  • Superior cycle life
  • Deep cycle design with very low maintenance
  • Strong & rugged container with heat sealed cover & handles for easy lifting
  • Superior active material for excellent discharge performance
  • Supplied in factory charged condition

Solar Battery Specifications:

Battery TypeAHLength (MM)Width (MM)Height (MM)
12volt 20Ah 20 256 172 246
12volt 40Ah 40 305 172 248
12volt 60Ah 60 411 173 260
12volt 75Ah 75 513 212 256
12volt 100Ah 100 519 275 261
12volt 130Ah 130 510 285 320
12volt 150Ah 150 510 285 320
12volt 180Ah 180 510 285 320
12volt 210Ah 210 510 285 320

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