The technical skill of designers and the expertise of the team of technicians. Merge this into a single element born of passion, attention to detail and innovation that finds expression in the product installed in homes around the globe.
Passion for design and attention to quality, give way to passion for the customer at the time of purchase.

  • Ensures the robust construction & sturdy design of battery container & Covers
  • Higher current carrying Capacity during ignition & operation
  • Imported PE envelopes & glass mat combination for vibration resistance. Result: Short circuit Prevention
  • 99.97% Pure Lead active Material
  • Special Composition with additional paste for more durability
  • Environment Friendly Power storage batteries
  • Excellence charge acceptance & handling
  • High Performance even under adverse conditions.

Indo Quality

All models undergo checks and laboratory tests to ensure: efficiency, safety and high reliability. But that’s not all! At the end of the production line, checks are conducted on samples to ascertain functional quality, aesthetic and packaging quality.
The focus on the quality of the product continues into distribution, and does not culminate after the delivery. Provides an outstanding level of service should the unexpected happen; through our Warranty Service Provider.
INDO Automotive Batteries Private Limited has been awarded ISO 9001-2008 certificate by TUV Nord.

Safe Society

The Govt. of India has notified as under to safeguard the society:

  • Lead Acid Batteries contain lead & Sulphuric Acid which are highly toxic and extremely hazardous for health and environment.
  • It shall be responsibility of the consumer to ensure that used batteries are not disposed off in any manner other than disposing with the dealer, manufacturer, re-conditioner or at the designated collection centres.
  • Hence, please do not discard the battery in a trash bin or give / sell to a non authorized person.
  • It is mandatory for our authorized dealers to buy used battery & provide corresponding rebate on purchase of new battery.