About Us



We are an ISO 9001 company established in 1991, with a mission to cater to clients with the best energy products and after sales service.

‘INDO’ is an established and renowned name in battery industry. We are professional, dynamic and result oriented company. INDO has an outstanding reputation domestically and globally as battery manufacturer par excellence with innovative applications. INDO products are eco friendly designed to perform uniformly under all climatic conditions and in the most demanding operating environments.

Our Ideas

Competence in design is achieved by applying world class technology adapted for Indian tropical conditions. The manufacturing methods are in tune with this modified adaptation in order to create reliable and state of art product. Apt and the best raw materials are used to ensure trouble free and uninterrupted performance of our products. Every product undergoes thorough quality checks right from designing up to finishing processes. All these measures assure the best product with the best performance at all times!

Our Customer

We offer all personal attention that our customer deserves. Our valued customer is always a top priority to us, who is the driving force behind our success. Our expertise is gained over many years of experience and interaction with our customer.

Our service engineers are qualified and trained to serve the end users. Post support service includes comprehensive maintenance contract, per call service and spares support.

We have predefined procedures for call analysis. Call attendance norms and service quality audits. The quality of services rendered is maintained to customer satisfaction irrespective of time slot, service contract or state of the equipment.

Our Team

Team INDO is a united bunch of professionals with rich experience and competence in power industry. Work is worship for them. The religion of this team is to stay united and pave way to success in every mission and target set by the organization. The invincible Team-INDO has been instrumental in all departments of our day to day activities.

Our Production

All our products are designed and produced to work flawlessly for years.  The production and planning department has set standards and targets for each section of production process. The quantity and quality of products is closely monitored by all concerned, at every stage.

Works department maintains the production line and necessary repairs. It also takes care of QC and inspection.

Design and Technical support department contributes to research, modifications, estimations, designing new products, testing new processes, developing prototypes through to the final product. It studies and suggests on improvements in working practices as well.

Purchase department provides materials, components and equipment of the best quality in the industry in order to keep up with technology as well as smooth functioning of production, and all this on time.

Stores department stocks all necessary tools, machines, raw materials and equipments required for production process. During difficult times it always is ready with buffer stocks. It not only ensures ready stock, but also has an inventory control system.

Our R & D

We aim at developing innovative ways for power solutions to all needs and exert on the task by adding fuel to the creative fire of our R&D team. Their R&D activities are powered with backward integration, feedback mechanism, market trends, technological advancement and future needs.

Our Mission


A strong commitment to provide the best technology and service


Continuous improvement in production and product


To identify and understand customer’s present and future needs


To stay connected to all customers with the help of wide network


To achieve high performance and maximum uptime


To maintain quality control audits and management solutions

Our Vision

We strive to fulfil our mission to take the company to new heights of success by following key principles of Quality, Teamwork, Innovation, Enhancing ability, Updating and Customer satisfaction.

Our Values

With its insistence on high standards of ethics, INDO has built a reputation of being trustworthy and enduring enterprise. We value in laying foundation of faith and growing together.